Additional Resources for Lace Projects!

Here is a list of ten+ Free Resources for Lace Projects. Scroll down to view. Keeping things organized is one of our main goals. These can be printed and adapted to your own unique style.

IMG_7975 Threads for Website

♥ CLG Thread Inventory

Click on the link above to see an example of our Thread Inventory page. Print and keep a record of your threads. This format is ideal for a binder. Save threads by type: cotton, linen, metallics, etc. Take the list along when shopping for new threads. Another option is to use your cell phone to take a photo of the page(s) for a reference of threads you already have in your stash. Below: Make your own personal thread size comparison chart to help document a variety of threads for different patterns.

♦ Thread Size Comparison

IMG_8028 Bobbins square image web

Found! The Canadian Lacemaker Gazette has a Bobbin Inventory page for those interested in keeping track of their bobbins. See the PDF attached, with thanks to our Gazette Editorial Team in Ottawa, 1999. French and English text. The page has room to include a photo of your bobbin(s).

Bobbin Inventory

♦ New! Below are additional files: Bobbin location details, continental or spangled. These are Excel files, converted to PDF for viewing. Print or copy the headings and create your own file. Instructions are at the bottom of the pages. This will save you some time hunting for supplies! Plus you can get a grand total for your bobbins.

Note: Bobbin styles are found in the last two files, posted for your reference. You may have many bobbins from different sources. Have fun with this adventure!

♥ Continental Bobbins List and Location

♥ Spangled Bobbins List and Location

♠ Bobbins by Mr. Rose 1999 Reference for ID

♠ Bobbin Styles Reference Continental or Spangled

IMG_8026-1 Website Project Image

Do you have a few lace projects underway at any given time? Here is a handy page for keeping track of your lace project details. Add a photo of your project so you can see at a glance which bobbins are being used, which pillow, etc. If you are hunting for bobbins you own and they are not in storage, this may help narrow the search!

A Place for Everything…One idea is to insert a sheet protector into a binder to hold all the details: The project record sheet, a photo, the pattern info, the pricking, and thread samples wrapped around a bookmark length of card stock. Write down thread info next to each of the samples. This makes it easy to find everything needed to make more lace from the same supplies. Consider teaching others once you have mastered a certain pattern!

♥ CLG Lace Projects Record (horizontal)          

♥ CLG Lace Projects Record 2 (vertical)

IMG_1394 Library crop

As lacemakers, we tend to collect books and other resources and add them to our growing library. Below is a handy chart to record your library titles. This is a sample format which can be adapted. Suggestions are to record the type of resource: examples are hard cover books (HC), soft cover items (SC), booklets, folders, duotangs.

Books can be shelved by subject and/or in alphabetical order by title. Some may want to sort their library by using codes according to the type of lace and make a record of the price paid. In any case, it’s up to each individual lacemaker! Have fun with it.

Below is a link to the PDF Library page, as well as an optional list of two letter codes for your personal use. The PDF can be used to create an Excel file for sorting by title, subject, author, etc. This is a handy tool for keeping track of lace resources you already own!

♥ Lace Library Resource File          ♥ Lace Resource Library Codes