Bookmark Club


Canadian Lacemaker Gazette

Launches New CLG Bookmark Club July 1, 2018!

Blue Bookmark Ewa KMaking bookmarks is a fun activity and they can make wonderful gifts! They are a quick project and are a good review of your lacemaking skills.

Options: Choose a pattern and make many bookmarks from the same pattern. They can be exactly the same or have a variety of colour schemes. Or find different patterns and have a variety of designs. Imagine having a bookmark for each of the favourite books in your personal lace library.

Some lacemakers make bookmarks to promote lacemaking as a hobby or to support a charity. The Gazette welcomes you to share your experience. Our records began with number one and will continue…

The Bookmark Club is open to all Gazette subscribers and others who are interested in this new club! Others can purchase the edition which highlights their bookmarks and details about the patterns and threads chosen. Also included is the certificate of achievement mailed with the edition.

Based on the idea of a bookmark a month, certificates will be issued after you have reached 12 completed bookmarks and your set is published in the Gazette. So far, we have published bookmark projects from twelve lacemakers. Congratulations on your achievement! 

Email (or mail) a photo of your set of twelve bookmarks, plus send details of the pattern source(s) and threads used. Let’s continue to celebrate our unique art form!

We now have a list of Bookmarks found in the Gazette editions from 1984 to present. Click on the line below to view. If you are looking for a pattern, this list might help your search.

♥ CLG BOOKMARK Patterns by Edition March 2023