Brochure CLG Front Panel 2020Welcome to the Canadian Lacemaker Gazette website! Our Purpose is “To promote and encourage interest and excellence in the art of lacemaking.”

The Gazette publishes a variety of articles about lace, received from those who are interested in sharing their knowledge and experience with others. We cover local and international events, promote lace days, lace retreats, public demonstrations as well as travel to lace centers and visits to museums that include lace exhibits.

Lace related books received for review and new patterns are welcome and we appreciate those who support our efforts! A copy of the Gazette is mailed to participants (second copy to subscribers) with our thanks.

We continue to promote our Five Metre Club/Le Club cinq mètres which has welcomed many participants over the years. Five metre projects are published in the Gazette when completed. A copy of the Gazette containing your article and an official certificate of accomplishment is awarded to anyone who completes this milestone!

New is the Bookmark Club, launched July 1, 2018. Lacemakers are invited to send a photo of their twelve bookmarks when completed. Email a list of patterns and threads to encourage others to join in the fun. This Club continues into the future as more people discover this new venture. Use existing patterns or create your own!

We have recently updated our information brochure. Use the link to view the brochure, print it landscape, 100%, in colour, two-sided (flip on the short side). Invite others to join us! We would love to include them on our subscriber list. Thanks very much for your support.

√ Brochure CLG Updated 2021