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Below are the front cover images of recent Canadian Lacemaker Gazette Editions, all offered at sale price. A list of details for each one can be found in the Editions section on this website.

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Bobbin Winders Ewa K 2022.pub

For Sale: From a gentleman who has retired from woodworking! The bobbin rests on a felt insert which protects the bobbin as it turns. Thread winders are $65 CAD each, plus shipping. Cherry or Oak, two styles. Limited stock is available. Contact: Ewa Kurnicka, Needlepoint Place. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.   Email: np.place @ live.com  Add the email to your address list.

Bobbins for Sale!

The bobbins posted below are sold in sets. There are several sets of the continental bobbins available. These hold a lot of thread and are excellent for beginners!

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Pattern prickers 20

Bobbin holder image for WebThe above can also be used as dividers.

New! We have bobbin holders in stock to help keep bobbins & threads in place when transporting projects to different locations. The numbers indicate how many are available. Prices: long ones (12 inches) are $2 each. Short ones (6 to 8 inches) are $1 each. Available while supplies last!

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Orders: All titles are available unless marked SOLD or there is a sale in process. Resources are On Hold until a sale is final or are relisted. More titles are added, ongoing. A number of books listed below are out of print or rare. Our books are gently used and are excellent to have in your personal library. Email the titles of the book(s) you are interested in purchasing to: clgeditor@gmail.com (Add the email to your address list). We will send you an invoice!

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100 Traditional100 Traditional Bobbin Lace Patterns by Geraldine Stott & Bridget Cook, 1997. Soft cover, 119 pages, plus additional pages for info on grids, suppliers, and index. Colour diagrams with thread paths. International colour coding page is written in English, Dutch, French, and German. The 100 patterns are from simple to more complex. The patterns all have titles, such as Little Hearts, Maids in a Row, etc. Starting points and the number of bobbin pairs are indicated. A good knowledge of point ground lace will be an asset. Price: $30 CAD and shipping.

150 Crochet150 Crochet Trims: Designs for beautiful decorative edgings, from lacy borders to bobbles, braids, and fringes by Susan Smith, 2007. Soft cover, 128 pages, colour. This book has a variety of edgings and motifs ranging from traditional to modern. The directory has edgings, fringes, braids, motifs plus accessories, including crochet buttons or belts. Instructions are given for each design. Skill levels are beginner, or intermediate, with a few challenging designs. The last section has several pages for the basic crochet techniques. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Dutch BL PatternsON HOLD! 50 Dutch Bobbin Lace Patterns Withof & Duchesse. Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof. 1997. Hard cover, 144 pages. The author was a student of Sister Judith. The group of students learned new techniques and helped develop Withof Lace. The book has two main sections: Techniques and Patterns. The lace techniques are well documented, covering the first 77 pages: Flowers, leaves, corners, ribs, curves, scrolls, circles, raised veins, braids, etc. A number of techniques are found in both Withof and Duchesse laces. The pattern section has 50 designs with lovely photos and the pattern pricking for each. Price: $40 CAD and shipping.

61baAOsqqlL._AC_UL320_ alphabet SWAlphabet Inspirations in Coloured Bobbin Lace. Sandi Woods. 2004. Hard cover, 144 pages, colour. This well-known author’s book has three sections. 1. Alphabet A-Z has two patterns for each letter: basic bobbin lace and Milanese braids. Section 2 has several detailed patterns, including florals, with clear instructions. Section 3 has a list of forty-five illustrated techniques. A list for further reading and an index completes the book. Price: $30 CAD and shipping.

Picture4 AnnaAnna 6 June 2000. German text, soft cover, 50 pages, 2000. This edition contains a variety of projects. The instruction sheets are attached in the center section. Needlepoint, Hardanger, Romanian Point lace, Christmas balls in knitted lace, knitted sweaters with two sweaters for children. Some designs can be combined with lace to create a unique project. Price: $5 CAD and mailing.

Beg Bobbin L

Beginner’s Guide to Bobbin Lace by Gilian Dye & Adrienne Thunder, 2007. Soft cover, 80 pages, colour. The introduction has a list of equipment: bobbins, yarns, pillows, beads, pins, and other equipment. Basic techniques are shown with over two hundred beautiful colour photos. The Bookmark Collection has suggested patterns for beginners to work through before trying the patterns in the next section. The patterns are all suitable for using heavier threads or yarn. After bookmarks, four larger projects are a bag, a purse, two scarves and a cushion border. Price: $28 CAD and shipping.

IMG_1984 HardangerBeginner Hardanger: Peace of Mind. Carolyn Mitchell, 1996. Coil bound, 36 pages. A photo of the finished project is on the cover. The author gives a history of Hardanger, followed by a section on developing good habits. Next is information on threads, needles, and fabric suitable for Hardanger. Step-by-step instructions for the project include thread paths for kloster blocks, eyelets, cutting, dove’s eye, square fillet, cable stitch, ship designs, and the fringe edge. Washing and finishing completes the instructions. This is a good reference for basic Hardanger designs. Price: $10 CAD and shipping.

Scan Bobbin Lace Making NottinghamBobbin Lace Making. Pamela Nottingham. 1989. Soft cover, 96 pages. The author covers Equipment and Materials, Preparation, Basic Stitches, Tape Lace, Adaptation and Use of Tape Lace, Torchon Lace, Plaited Laces, Braids and Trimmings, Mounting Lace, Twenty Patterns for Pleasure. Torchon and Bedfordshire lace are the main types of lace covered. A variety of interesting patterns are included, some are well suited to beginners: edgings, bookmarks and motifs, including a swan. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Scan Bobbin Lacemaking Southard RedBobbin Lacemaking by Doris Southard. 1983, soft cover, 216 pages. The author uses twist/cross which is very good for those using a bolster where the threads hang parallel. Or cross/twist can be used on any pattern. “History of Bobbin Lace” and “Getting Started” is followed by 12 lesson chapters: Braids, Edgings, Sewing edge, Fans, Spiders, Rose ground, Turning a corner, Beginning without directions, Laces with Gimp, Squares, Petals, Picots, Other kinds of Laces. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Scan Bruges Flower LaceBruges Flower Lace. Edna Sutton. 1987. Hard cover, 118 pages. This book is an excellent pattern source for those interested in learning this technique. Beginners work through basics, then well illustrated lessons on braids, windmills, edgings, fillings, etc. Chapters are: A Glance at Flemish Lace; Equipment; Basic Techniques; Braids and Edgings; Fillings; Flowers; Leaves and Scrolls; Further projects. Price: $25 CAD and shipping.

Picture8 Hard 50Burda: Special Hardanger E730, 2003. Hardanger and Myreschka pulled thread embroidery. Soft cover, 50 pages with decorations for curtains, table runners, table cloths, pillows, towel bands, small and larger projects. Instructions and pattern pages are attached in the center section. Price: $10 CAD and mailing.

Scan CLG Volume 8 1994 Pattern SupplementCanadian Lacemaker Gazette Volume 8, 1994 Pattern Supplement. 24 pages. Several booklets are available while supplies last. Using lace samples from an old lace dealer’s pattern book, members of the Ottawa Guild of Lacemakers participated in a pattern drafting exercise. Photos of the original lace plus the new/revised patterns with working diagrams, bobbin placement, number of pairs. 21 patterns, narrow and wide, some have gimps, one Bedfordshire pattern. Insertions could be used for bookmarks. A lovely collection. Price: $10 CAD and shipping: regular postage $2 stamp in Canada for mailing a single copy. Mail to USA $3.19 postage for mailing a single copy. Inquire for mailing multiple copies.

Picture7 Blue HardCanadian Prairie Hardanger Lynne Hermanson 1995. Soft cover, 32 pages, a Nordic Needle publication. This book has ten designs for those experienced with hardanger techniques such as satin stitch, webs, eyelets, spokes, picots, cable stitch, box stitch, wraps and buttonhole edge. Price: $10 CAD and mailing.

CLG Fall BundleSPECIAL OFFER: CLG Editions Promotion Package! Vol. 36 Bundle of Four: Fall & Winter 2021; Spring & Summer 2022. Each edition features articles, a photo gallery of special projects, coming events and lace related activities, book reviews, promotions, etc. A gift for yourself or others. See Editions section for more information. Price: $20 CAD and shipping. Inquire about earlier sets.


Crafting the Mosaic: Celebrating 75 Years of Craft in Manitoba. 2007. (Two copies available). Hard cover, 102 pages, colour. Here is an art gallery in book form! The book has a variety of technique. Examples are from local sources and from other countries. Lace: A Battenburg collar, a handkerchief with Hearts of Denmark edging, a needlelace collar, macramé, tatting, Irish crochet, Hardanger, drawn thread, filet, reticella, and knitting. Others: Ayrshire, embroidery, loom weaving, beadwork, pottery, ceramics, baskets, quilting, soap carving, quillwork, batik, hooked rugs, woodwork, glass making, finger weaving, doll making, etc.  A lovely gift. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Creative DesignCreative Design in Bobbin Lace. Ann Collier. 1984. Hard Cover, 144 pages. Ann Collier is a well-known, award winning teacher from the English Lace School and the Royal School of Needlework. She has published a book on exploring lace as a modern art form. Chapters: The History and Development of Technique, Braid Lace, Fillings, Adapted Honiton Techniques and the Development of Design. The book is well illustrated with many photos (104). A number of patterns are included from a variety of designers who contributed to this book. This is an excellent resource for lacemakers who want to explore making their own designs. Price: $25 CAD and shipping.

Hooks Only

Hooks-Only Crochet from Start to Finish by Carol Alexander and Lisa Fosnaugh, editors. 2006. Hard cover, coil bound, colour, 176 pages, 82 projects. Chapter titles: Spotlight on Style; Fabulous Finishing Touches, Toddlers to Teens, Haven-ly Home Accents, Treasures in Thread, Hooked on Holidays. Each chapter has several projects (7 – 10) from a variety of designers: sweaters, jackets, purses, wraps, hats, belts, scarves, blankets, throws, pillows, pot holders, bookmarks, a bonnet and booties, Christmas decorations, Easter basket, and other designs for children. A stitch guide is found on the last page. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Huck Adventures

Huck Adventures. Michiko Kuge. Lacis. Translation from Japanese, 2001. Soft cover, 86 pages, color. For those who love working with a needle, the book contains 48 projects. Drawstring bags, handbags, shoulder bags, children’s tote bags, a sewing kit, eyeglass cases, clutch purses, pen case, an apron, table runners, pillows, tablecloth, floor cushion, room dividers. Add a bobbin lace or other type of lace edging to a project for a unique effect. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Crochet Leisure Arts In Love with Crochet by Anne Childs, Leisure Arts 1997. Soft cover, colour, 60+ designs, 144 pages. Chapter titles: Wrapped up in afghans; All through the house; Gifts for all; Just for fun; Rock-a-bye collection; Fashion corner; Hooked on holidays. Designs range from small quick ones to larger ones and are given for every skill level. The last section has ten pages of instructions and are well illustrated to show the techniques. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Intro to Honiton Lace

Introduction to Honiton Lace. Susanne Thompson. 1985. Hard cover, 120 pages, black and white. This book is written for those who are new to Honiton lace. The first chapters are about equipment, preparation, and basic lacemaking stitches. The patterns follow, giving needed details and the patterns progress in difficulty. Starting with a basic flower, other floral designs follow, and include a Trillium motif. The techniques are detailed and easy to follow. Final info is on mounting and designing patterns. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Bayeux 2La Dentelle de Bayeux. Mick Fouriscot and Mylène Salvador, 1999. Hard cover, 46 pages, colour, French text. The book begins with Basics which include grounds, gimp, picots and bundles (called reserves). Patterns are for edgings, motifs, and a bookmark, with enlarged diagrams for details. The patterns progress from easy to more advanced. Bobbin count, suggested threads and grounds are noted. Large diagrams and beautiful colour photos of the finished projects are throughout the book. The final project, called Arabesque is exquisite. Price: $30 CAD and shipping.

Scan Lace VCB

Lace by Virginia Churchill Bath, 1974. Hard cover, 320 pages. First edition. This large size book begins with history and development of lace techniques. Main chapters cover Netted Lace, Needle Lace, Bobbin Lace and Mixed Lace. The book has many large photos of finished lace, diagrams showing lace structure and a few patterns. A good reference book that promises many hours of reading. Price: $15 CAD and shipping.

Picture6 ZodiacLace Express 2/02 Soft cover, 46 pages, colour. English, German, French, Dutch and Danish text. Designs include Zodiac images by Michelle Jourde (France), plus other designs: a koala, a lamb with flowers, edgings, round, rectangular and square designs, a bobbin lace scene suitable for framing called “Branding” and a bookmark inspired by the wisteria in Monet’s garden. Some are wearable designs. Patterns are found in the pages or on the separate 8 panel fold out sheet. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Picture5 Church jpgLace For Church Use Marie-Clare Downham 1989 Hard Cover, 128 pages. The author is a lacemaker who visited lace making areas in France and Belgium for her research. The book has a variety of edgings for church use. Included are photos of the finished lace, the pricking, bobbin count and working notes. Mainly Torchon with some point ground and one Bedfordshire type pattern. Original price: L10.95/$39. Our price: $ 25 CAD and shipping.

Scan Learn Lacecraft AD

Learn Lacecraft by Audrey Vincente Dean, 1990. Soft cover, 64 pages. The author has divided the information into four main headings: Lace in the Home; Lace and Needlework; Lace and Crafts; and Sewing with Lace. Ideas such as pillows, bolsters, lace baskets, sugared lace, collages, lace flowers, dyed lace, tree trim ornaments, or wearable lace, such as an heirloom baby gown. Combining lace with other crafts is the theme and many wonderful photographs accompany the ideas. Price: $10 CAD and shipping.

Lessons in Bobbin Lacemaking by Doris Southard. 216 pages, soft cover, 1992. The book is popular for beginning lacemakers. Lessons and patterns are extensive. The author uses the twist/cross method which is very good for a bolster where the threads hang parallel, or cross/twist can be used on all patterns. Info on “History of Bobbin Lace” and “Getting Started” is followed by 12 lesson chapters covering braids, edgings, fans, spiders, rose ground, turning a corner, beginning without directions, gimp, squares, petals, picots, and other kinds of laces. Price: $15 CAD and shipping.

Macrame 2Macramé DMC Library Thérèse de Dillmont, 1971. Soft cover, 46 pages. The first chapter has thirteen pages for the basic instructions needed to work the designs. Shown is a macramé shuttle or bobbin used for working gimp. The book has 32 pages of photos with designs ranging from small to very large, 188 designs in total. Price: $15 CAD and mailing.

Needlelace CB

Needlelace: Designs and Techniques Classic and Contemporary. Catherine Barley. 1995. Soft cover, 176 pages, colour. Part 1: Traditional Techniques includes Gros Point de Venise, Hollie Point, Point de Gaze, Scrolls, and Classic needlelace, with some antique samples. Part 2: Bridal Accessories has a purse with a flower, a coronet and shoe rosettes. Part 3: Contemporary projects, three dimensional strawberries, other flowers, a butterfly, a gardenia and a lovely swan with raised wings. The projects can be framed. Part 4 has a selection of patterns. Price: $30 CAD and shipping.

NeedleLace&NeedleWeavingNeedle Lace & Needleweaving: A new Look at Traditional Stitches. Jill Nordfors. 1974. Hard cover, 160 pages, some colour photos. The book begins with general information on materials such as needles, threads and fabrics, and includes attaching found objects. Information follows on stitches: looped, edging, insertion, filling, interlacing, and different types of bar type stitches. Finishing instructions include pressing and blocking. Framing suggestions are included. This book is very well illustrated and is an excellent reference manual. (No cover jacket). Price: $15 CAD and shipping.


Needle Made LacesNeedle-Made Laces and Net Embroideries: Reticella Work, Carrickmacross lace, Princess Lace and Other Traditional Techniques. Doris Campbell Preston, 1984. Soft cover booklet, 160 pages. Chapters on various topics include Needle-run lace, Tambour Limerick, Carrickmacross, Irish crochet, Reticella, Princess lace, modern Needlepoint laces, Filet lace, Tatting, and Net darning. Basic methods are illustrated for each style and photos of finished examples are found throughout the book.  Care of Lace, a Glossary of lace terms, and Index completes the book. Price: $10 CAD and shipping.

IMG_3486 Lace 1

PIECEWORK Editions are available: $5 CAD each, and shipping. For shipping the whole batch, a Canada Post Flat Rate box is the most economical for mailing large batches within Canada, maximum weight is 5 kg or 11 lbs.

Open link to view: √ Click Here to View 16 PIECEWORK Editions!


Pillow Lace and Bobbins. Jeffery Hopewell. 1994. 32 pages. This booklet is packed full of photos of different types of lace as well as many pages of bobbins, photos and info on bobbin winders, spangles, bolsters and other pillows, plus lacemakers at work. The author gives info on English lace plus contributions from Belgium and France to lacemaking. Price: $10 CAD and shipping.

Pillow or Bobbin okPillow or Bobbin Lace Technique, Patterns, History by Elizabeth Mincoff and Margaret S. Marriage., 1987. Soft cover, 230 pages, a folder for larger patterns is located inside the back cover. The authors give an extensive historical summary in the beginning of the book, followed by information on tools, patterns and thread. The book gives a summary of different varieties of pillow lace with chapters on Russian, Torchon, Maltese and Cluny Lace, Plaited Lace, and Saxony Guipure. The book is well illustrated with fifty patterns which reflect the style of each lace. Crease down front cover. Price: $15 CAD and shipping.

Practical SPractical Skills in Bobbin Lace. Bridget M. Cook. 1987. Soft cover, 208 pages. The author illustrates bobbin lacemaking with many enlarged close up images showing clear thread paths. She gives a detailed account of the techniques along with photos of the finished lace. Ten sections cover many topics such as adding and removing pairs, sewings, corners and curves, holes, picots, tallies, Venetian cords, raised work, cordonnet, gimps and beads. Price: $30 CAD and shipping.

Queen Victoria Wedding Dress SLQueen Victoria’s Wedding Dress and Lace. Kay Staniland and Santina M. Levey. Museum of London, 1983. Soft cover booklet, 32 pages, black and white images. The authors have researched the history of Queen Victoria’s wedding dress and have included a number of close up photos showing the details of the lace. The book includes interesting stories of the royal family in the Victorian era and is a history of the Honiton lace industry and its revival. Price: $10 CAD and shipping.

RedouteRedouté’s Finest Flowers in Embroidery. Trish Burr. 2002. Soft cover, 95 pages, colour. This is an exquisite book of flowers. A stitch glossary has instructions for each stitch needed for the projects. Needle based projects could be combined with bobbin lace or other lace to make a special heirloom. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Lace KnittingRomantic Lace Knitting by Monika Eckert and Stephanie van der Linden. Soft cover, 96 pages, colour. Twenty patterns with a variety of styles for scarves, shawls. Some info on basics: increasing, decreasing, casting off, checking tension, adding beads, along with step-by-step illustrations and helpful hints. Charts for all patterns are enclosed on sheets tucked inside back cover. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Scan Seasonal Samplings

Seasonal Samplings in Hardanger Embroidery. Carolyn Mitchell. 1996. Soft cover, 32 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ The author is a well known instructor in Hardanger technique and the projects cover a range of skill levels. Clear guidelines are given, along with charts and photos to illustrate the steps from beginning to finished project. The front cover shows decorative cones in two sizes, padded ornaments and buttonholed ornaments. Finishing instructions are given, including tassels. Beads are added in a number of projects. Knowledge of Hardanger filling stitches will be helpful. Price: $10 CAD and shipping.

Doily imageSpecial Doilies for Special Times. South Maid. 2001. Soft cover booklet, 21 pages, helpful hints, conversion charts for crochet hooks. Skill levels: Beginner or intermediate. Five lovely patterns including 2 pineapple designs. Woodland Lace is shown on the cover. Finished designs are shown in colour. Detailed instructions. Price: $5 CAD and shipping, or free with another purchase.

Special Effects

Special Effects in Bobbin Lace: Over 20 Patterns Using Colour in Bobbin Lace. Sandi Woods. 1998. Hard cover, 126 pages, colour. Chapter headings are ‘Getting Started with Colour, Painting with Threads, and Explaining Ideas’.  The well-known author explores several of her original patterns using Milanese lace techniques with a variety of coloured threads. Patterns vary in size and difficulty. A list of suppliers, further reading and an index completes the book. Inspiration at its best. Price: $35 CAD and shipping.

Lace for 10 PairsSpitzen Fur Zehn Paare/Dentelles Pour Dix Paires/Lace for Ten Pairs by Claire Burkhard, 2000. Hard cover, 72 pages. The book contains 37 patterns which use ten pairs of bobbins or less. Colour photos show the finished projects. The number of pairs and suggested threads are indicated. Projects include a variety of edgings, table mats, motifs and wearable lace designs. The patterns are quick to make. Instructions are in three languages. A list of suppliers for lace books and equipment in a number of countries completes the book. Price: $35 CAD and shipping.

Picture3 SunON HOLD! Sunflowers in Hardanger Embroidery by Mildred Torgerson, 1994. Soft cover, 32 pages. This booklet has eight pages of general instructions plus detailed information for all the original designs shown on the front cover. Included are the finished sizes, materials needed, and working instructions. Hardanger combines needle weaving and cutwork combined with needlelace fillings. Price: $10 CAD and mailing.


Scan Tatted Snowflakes Vida Sunderman

Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman. 1995. Soft cover, 32 pages. The author’s Introduction chapter has step-by-step illustrations on the technique, plus notes on picots, reverse work and joining, finishing, blocking and working with beads. Next are suggestions on decorating with Snowflakes plus abbreviations used in the instructions. Following are forty patterns for a variety of tatted snowflakes of different sizes. Price: $10 CAD and shipping.

Tatting by Tatting TDThérèse de Dillmont, DMC 1981. Soft cover booklet, 32 pages. This well known author begins with basics: a list of materials, followed by illustrated steps to work this type of lace with a shuttle, instructions include picots, working with two shuttles. Patterns for simple edgings, motifs and some larger projects. Price: $10 and mailing.

Tatting for Today 2Tatting for Today. DMC #15209, 1985. Soft cover, 27 pages, 2 copies available. The first section has basic instructions. Next are edgings, followed by several (31) motifs suitable for tree or window decorations. More advanced designs include two collars with cuffs, 3 necklaces. There are 5 pincushion designs. Note paper flowers on page 26 are lovely small quick projects. Info on starching and laundering. Colour photos are on front and back covers. Price: $10 CAD and mailing.

Anne Orr 2Tatting with Anne Orr, 1989. Soft cover, 32 pages. Anne Orr, a well-known author with nearly a hundred books on needlework designs, served as an editor of Good Housekeeping for over twenty years. Tatting is a knotted lace dating back to around the seventeenth century. The first chapter has instructions for tatting. Follows are a variety of designs. Round motifs, edgings, baby bonnets, slippers, forty medallions, forty-seven edgings. Once mastered, the designs, small and large are all possible. $10 CAD and mailing.

Animals First Christmas Ruth J The Animals First Christmas A Christmas Story in Bobbin Lace by Ruth Johnson, 2022. Soft cover booklet, colour, 16 pages. Ruth has written the text for the Christmas story and added illustrations using lace figures in bobbin lace. The author has created the booklet as a fundraiser for Ukraine. See the link to the PDF file below for more information including ordering details. This booklet is a wonderful keepsake and is ideal as a gift for friends and family. 

♥ The Animals First Christmas Fundraiser for Ukraine by Ruth Johnson

Book of BL Stitches

The Book of Bobbin Lace Stitches. Bridget M. Cook and Geraldine Stott. 1996. Hard cover, 268 pages. This is a reference text book with over 260 bobbin lace stitches. Each page contains a photo of the finished design, a graph of the pattern indicating the number of bobbin pairs, and an enlarged diagram shows the structure of the stitch. Each pattern has a title, and the patterns range from simple to complex. The collection of stitches date from the late seventeenth century to the second half of the nineteenth century. For those who want to develop their own free designs or change stitches within a design, this book is a valuable resource. Price: $30 CAD and shipping.

Hawaiian Quilt

ON HOLD! The Hawaiian Quilt The Tradition Continues by Poakalani and John Serrao. 2007. Soft cover, 100 pages, colour. The preface is “The Hawaiian Quilt…and Where it All Began”. Next is a gallery of beautiful finished quilts of different sizes, includes names of the designers and quilters. Follows is info on “Creating your Masterpiece”. There are fifteen patterns for projects: pillow tops, designs for wall hangings, etc. A small project with a lace border would be possible! Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Tech of Bobbin LaceThe Technique of Bobbin Lace: Completely Revised New Edition by Pamela Nottingham. 1995. Soft cover, 188 pages. The book has five chapters: Equipment, preparation and other useful information; Torchon lace with sixteen patterns; Bedfordshire or Cluny lace with twenty six patterns; Bucks Point lace with thirty two patterns. Joining and mounting lace is the final chapter. The book is well illustrated with detailed text, starting points are numbered and bobbin pairs are given. Enlarged diagrams show details. Price: $30 CAD and shipping.


Honiton LaceThe Technique of Honiton Lace by Elsie Luxton. 1979. Hard cover, 168 pages. The well-known author starts with a history of Honiton lace. Her instructions begin with equipment and preparation for making the lace. Next are chapters on beginner pieces with six patterns, followed by seventeen flat Honiton patterns, twenty raided and rolled work, the sampler, a chapter with twenty six fillings, and a chapter with seven leaves. A final chapter has many pages with notes on techniques such as the weaver’s knot, leadworks, etc. The patterns have photos of the finished lace, numbered starting points and instruction. Price: $25 CAD and shipping.

Torchon L

The Technique of Torchon Lace by Pamela Notttingham. 1979. Hard cover, 160 pages. The author has several patterns and instruction to start making Torchon lace. Starting with basics, the next chapters proceed with information on narrow edgings, circular motifs, square and rectangular mats, a variety of stitches, triangles, circular edgings and collars, plaits and picots, with hints on beginning and ending. A number of grids are included at the end of the book. Price: $30 CAD and shipping.

Torchon Lace BookThe Torchon Lace Book by Christine Springett. 1993. Soft cover, 56 pages. For beginners or for review, instructions are detailed and easy to follow. The book gives a list of basics and a number of patterns, including bookmarks, edgings and some circular designs. The starting points, as well as each pin location, are numbered in order. This book is an excellent resource for teaching bobbin lace to new students. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Beds TwoTraditional Bedfordshire Lace Techniques and Patterns by Barbara M Underwood. 1988. Hard cover, 92 pages. Barbara Underwood is a well known author and teacher of Bedfordshire lace. Her work has helped to document the many elements of this lace. Techniques follow the introduction and history, with many illustrations and reference numbers. Tallies include square ended, leaf shaped, cucumber, raised, and overlaid flat tallies. Leaves, flowers, grounds, and other elements are well covered. Lovely photos and 38 projects. Price: $30 CAD and shipping.

Vic RibbVictorian Ribbon & Lacecraft Designs by Mary Jo Hiney, 1994. Soft cover, 144 pages, colour. The author has published another book with many projects, twenty five, all using lace of different types to create unique designs. Picture frames, fashion accessories, home décor, all have a Victorian theme. Instructions and outline patterns or templates, with ideas to create a delightful design for a gift or to have in your home. Price: $20 CAD and shipping.

Picture2 Vic jpgVictorian Style Needlecrafts. Better Homes and Gardens, hard cover, 160 pages, colour photos, 1992. This book contains over seventy projects such as tatting, needlepoint, crochet, knitting, crazy quilting, embroidery, filet crochet, hardanger, and Battenberg tape lace. Included are an assortment of pin cushions in different techniques which could be combined with a lovely lace edging. The projects have patterns with instructions and are suited for gifts or for your own décor. Original price: $22.95 US. Our price: $20 CAD and shipping.

VieleGuteGrunde Viele Gute Gründe by Ulrike Löhr. “Lots of Good Grounds” is in four languages: German, Dutch, English and French. The pages are a large collection, 118 listed, with the original version of the pattern, or ones with slight changes, inspired by old lace or a new design. Bobbin pairs and gimp pairs are indicated. A team with over twenty lacemakers worked on this project. Sources are private collections or from several museums such as Rijksmuseum and Victoria & Albert Museum Price: $40 CAD and shipping.

Withof Cover pubSOLD! Withof Lace by Trude v.d. Heijden-Biemans, Yvonne Scheele-Kerkof, Puck Smelter-Hoekstra, 1991. Hard cover, 160 pages, ten chapters. The book begins with a short history of Duchesse to Withof, plus important hints and equipment. The first chapter is on setting up. The next chapters are on flowers, leaves, scrolls, circles, berries, raised veins, waves, eyes and fillings. All have info and working order. The book is well illustrated showing lovely finished pieces. Beautiful designs throughout, with recommended thread sizes, range is 100/2 to 180/2. There are no pin markings on the patterns. This book is recommended for intermediate or advanced lacemakers. Price: $35 CAD and shipping.


NEW! Dept. X-Y-Z: “Special Interest Books” for Non-Lacemakers or Lacemakers!

Updates are ongoing, images change when new books are available. Flat rate boxes are available for shipping in Canada, includes insurance and tracking. Max weight for the smallest box is 5 kg or 11 lbs. “If it fits, it ships” See 3 sizes offered. Go to the Canada Post website for information.

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Some items are hard to find…

Roller Pillow Gladys LFOUND! My father, Syd Rose made roller pillows in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. I moved three times since he gave me mine and I managed to keep the roller, but the pillow base with the drawer in it had gone missing. Now I have everything needed to replace it! Thanks! Gladys L, British Columbia, Canada

IMG_4288 bobbin searchWanted: More pairs of these Continental bobbins, if you are interested in selling some bobbins from your personal stash. Please contact the Gazette office with info: clgeditor @ gmail.com Thanks!

Fri Knipling Image

Wanted: Fri Knipling by Jana Novak, 1985. ISBN 87-418-7095-6 Contact the editor with the price and shipping to a Canadian address.


Wanted: More Bookmarks A Lace Guild Publication. 32 pages, currently not available from the Lace Guild. Please contact the Gazette office with a price and shipping cost to a Canadian address: clgeditor @ gmail.com (add the email to your address list) if you have a copy to offer!

Sterne Cover CMWanted: Sterne by Christine Mirecki. Designs can be used for bangles. The book has some lovely designs. Contact the editor with price and shipping cost.

Teneriffe Lace ImageWanted: The Technique of Teneriffe Lace by Alexandra Stillwell, published in 1980, reprinted 1987. Contact the editor with price and shipping cost.

Torchon Lace Rings cropped pub

Wanted: Torchon Lace Rings by Alice Vokac, edited by Christine Johnson, 2011. This coil ring bound booklet was a fundraiser for the OIDFA Adelaide Congress. Contact the editor with price and shipping cost.


Variations coverWanted: Variations on a Theme: Bobbin Lacemaking Patterns for the Complete Beginner by Jennifer Ford, 1992.  Coil bound. Contact the editor with price and shipping cost.

WANTED! A complete set of Ottawa Gazette editions Vol. 6 to Vol. 14 in good condition. A medium Canada Post National “Flat rate box” will hold all the editions. The cost of the shipping box will be paid by the recipient. The Editions section on this website has details for each one. Contact the editor clgeditor @ gmail.com. (Add the email to your contact list).

Wanted: Pattern “The Swan” in Binche lace by Grace Jones, circa 1988. If found, please contact the editor with details.


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These are packed full of information to inspire and encourage lacemaking. The Gazette Editions section on this website has a list of details for each one. Articles: Titles and authors are listed. Many thanks to all who have taken the time to share their lace adventures!

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If you know of someone who is not a regular subscriber and would love to read more about lacemaking, consider giving a Gift! Packages can be mailed directly from CLG if you wish. This is a good bargain for a lace group library as well, build your reference collection!

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