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IMGP1581 Jocelyn at Lace Day Raffle 2013Swap ‘n Shop! Doesn’t that sound intriguing? We have space to offer to those who have some lace related items to sell. It’s also available to people hoping to find a lace related item that is on their wish list. Visit here often to see what’s new! Your sales ad or wish list item will need some details. A good description and a photo would be helpful.

This area is self serve. Contact the editor to post requests or items for sale: clgeditor@gmail.com (add the email to your contact list). After your items are posted, and you are connected with a buyer/seller from the Gazette office, personal transactions will no longer involve the editor, who is busy working on the next edition. She will list (or remove) items, and has been known to purchase on occasion.

Scroll down to see 4 New Resources for Lace Projects, the growing Wish List, plus Canadian Lacemaker Gazette editions, offered at sale price. See the slide show of front cover images of the most recent editions.

IMG_3813 Cherry Solid Ewa K       IMG_3812 Cherry Spindles Ewa K       IMG_3815 Oak Spindles Ewa K

For Sale: From a gentleman who has retired from woodworking! The bobbin rests on a felt insert which protects the bobbin as it turns. Thread winders are $65 each, plus shipping. Cherry or Oak, two styles. Limited stock is available. Contact: Ewa Kurnicka, Needlepoint Place. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.   Email: np.place@ live.com


The resources listed below are available for a limited time. Check back again for new offerings. We hope the items will assist you on your lace journey! Note: Shipping is at cost. Payments: Cheque or money order, PayPal or Bank eTransfer.


75 Quick & Easy Bobbin Lace Patterns by Veronica Sorenson. 2002. This is a hard cover book with 144 pages. The chapters include Small Motifs; Christmas Lace; Animal Kingdom; Mat Edgings; Lace for Weddings; Picture frames; Earrings; Handkerchiefs; Flight of Fancy; All-Lace Mats. The book contains simple patterns in Torchon, Beds, Honiton; Schneeberg; Bruges flower and Russian tape lace. Four Languages: English, German, Dutch and French. Original price: $44.95. Price: $40.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Battenberg Lace

An Introduction to Battenberg Lace. Instructions for Left and Right Handed Stitchers. Dianna Best. Soft cover, 1992. Size: 8.5″ x 11″, 44 pages. Battenberg lace dates back to the sixteenth century. The author has given us step-by-step instructions to assist with several projects: Christmas Angel, Butterfly, and Prairie Lily. The projects are based on using 5mm or 8mm purchased tape. The needle filling stitches covered are English Wheel, Russian Stitch, Tulle Stitch, Bundled Bars, and Wheel Filling Stitch. The cover image is Prairie Lily. Price: $20.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Binche LaceBinche Lace by Michael Giusiana and Linda Dunn, 1989. Hard cover, first edition, 96 pages. The book begins with a short study of Belgian lace: Flanders, Point de Paris and Valenciennes. Photos of actual lace, basic structure and sample patterns are included for all three types of lace. Binche lace follows with samples of grounds and large diagrams showing the thread paths to assist the newcomer to this lace. A variety of snowflakes used in grounds and fillings are well covered. Bookmarks and several more complex patterns complete the book, including the one on the cover.  Price $40.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Bobbin Lace An Illustrated Guide Brigita Fuhrmann

Bobbin Lace: An Illustrated Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques by Brigita Fuhrman. Soft cover, 1976. 160 pages, black and white photos, diagrams and patterns. Contents are Introduction, History, Tools and Materials, Basic Techniques, Straight Lace, Tape Lace, Finishing Up. Enlarged diagrams could be used by beginning lacemakers as the thread paths are clearly shown. There is an interesting section on making different types of pillows. A bibliography and index complete the book. Price: $15.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Bobbin Lace Form KliotBobbin Lace: Form by the Twisting of Cords. Kaethe and Jules Kliot. A New Look at a Traditional Textile Art: 472 Photographs. 20 Color Plates. 1973. Soft cover, 245 pages. The authors, well known in the lace community, highlight the structure of lace as well as sharing projects that unlock the mystery of finished lace. Covered are Basic Techniques, A Sampler, Special Techniques and Stitches, Additional Grounds, Explorations within Grounds and Edges, and Working Techniques. This is a good reference book, written during a earlier time when bobbin lace was introduced as a new craft! Price: $10.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Bobbin Lace in Photographs CVBobbin Lace in Photographs by Cynthia Voysey. 1987. First edition. Hard cover. 127 pages. This book has large photos of lace found in private collections and in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter. The pieces are from the seventeenth century to the present day. For a number of pieces there is a photo of the lace and then close up photos of different sections. The lace is arranged by date with the lace photos in chronological order. Price: $20.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Bobbin Lace Making NottinghamBobbin Lace Making. Pamela Nottingham. 1989. Soft cover, 96 pages. The author covers Equipment and Materials, Preparation, Basic Stitches, Tape Lace, Adaptation and Use of Tape Lace, Torchon Lace, Plaited Laces, Braids and Trimmings, Mounting Lace, Twenty Patterns for Pleasure. Torchon and Bedfordshire lace are the main types of lace covered. A variety of interesting patterns are included, some are well suited to beginners: edgings, bookmarks, motifs including a swan. Price: $20.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Bobbin Lacemaking Southard RedBobbin Lacemaking by Doris Southard. 1977, soft cover, reprinted. The book continues to be popular with beginning lacemakers as well as collectors. Lessons and patterns are extensive throughout. The author uses the method of twist/cross which is very good for those using a bolster where the passive threads hang parallel. With experience, cross/twist can be used on any pattern. Opening chapters are “History of Bobbin Lace” and “Getting Started: The Pillow; Bobbins, Old and New”. The 12 lesson chapters titles are: Braids; Edgings; Sewing edge; Fans; Spiders; Rose ground; Turning a corner; Begin without directions; Laces with Gimp; Squares, Petals, and Picots; Laces made on a Flat Pillow; Other kinds of Laces. Price: $20.00 CAD and shipping.


Bruges Flower Lace by Edna Sutton. 1987. This hard cover book is an excellent pattern source for those who interested in learning this technique. Chapters are: A Glance at Flemish Lace; Equipment; Basic Technques; Braids and Edgings; Fillings; Flowers; Leaves and Scrolls; Further projects. Price: $25.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Danish Pulled Thread Embroidery

Danish Pulled Thread Embroidery with English and Danish text by Esther Fangel, Ida Winckler & Agnete Wuldern Madsen. Dover, 1977. Soft cover, 100 pages. Part 1: Eighteenth-Century Pulled Thread Work/ Sammentrækssyning. This lace falls under the umbrella of embroidered lace; using a needle, the designs are worked directly on fabric. History indicates instruction in Danish centers such as Copenhagen date back to 1760s. A large section shows many different needlelace patterns and stitching diagrams.  Part 2: Modern Designs/ Nye Mønstre. Finished examples and stitching diagrams are included. Price: $10.00 CAD and shipping.

Scan Elegant Stitches

Elegant Stitches: An Illustrated Stitch Guide and Source Book of Inspiration by Judith Baker Montano. 1995. A small coil bound book with 176 pages. Needle based stitches are grouped by type. One chapter is devoted to crazy quilt combinations. Needle techniques with many finished colour photos. Techniques could be combined with lace to make a unique gift for anyone who enjoys nice things. Price: $10.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Lace VCB

Lace by Virginia Churchill Bath, 1974. Hard cover. 320 pages. First edition. This large size book begins with history and development of lace techniques. Main chapters cover Netted Lace, Needle Lace, Bobbin Lace and Mixed Lace. The book has many large photos of finished lace, diagrams showing lace structure and a few patterns. A good reference book that promises many hours of reading. Price: $15.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Learn Lacecraft AD

Learn Lacecraft by Audrey Vincente Dean, 1990. Soft cover, 64 pages. The author has divided the information into four main headings: Lace in the Home; Lace and Needlework; Lace and Crafts; and Sewing with Lace. Ideas such as pillows, bolsters, lace baskets, sugared lace, collages, lace flowers, dyed lace, tree trim ornaments, or wearable lace such as an heirloom baby gown. Combining lace with other crafts is the theme and many wonderful photographs accompany the ideas. Price: $10.00 CAD and shipping.


Lessons in Bobbin Lacemaking by Doris Southard. Soft cover, 1992. The book continues to be popular with beginning lacemakers as well as collectors. Lessons and patterns are extensive throughout. The author uses the method of twist/cross which is very good for those using a bolster where the passive threads hang parallel. With experience, cross/twist can be used on any pattern. Opening chapters are “History of Bobbin Lace” and “Getting Started: The Pillow; Bobbins, Old and New”. There are 12 lesson chapters covering Braids; Edgings; Sewing edge; Fans; Spiders; Rose ground; Turning a corner; Begin without directions; Laces with Gimp; Squares, Petals, and Picots; Laces made on a Flat Pillow; Other kinds of Laces. (Crease in top right corner). Price: $20.00 CAD and shipping.


Mediterranean Knotted Lace Swap n ShopMediterranean Knotted Lace by Elena Dickson, was published in 2005. This lovely soft cover book has clear instructions and photos showing the work in progress and many finished pieces, both large and small. Elena lives in Australia and has been teaching knotted lace since 1987 in her home country and at conventions in the USA. If you are interested in trying a new lace technique, this would be a very good start. Price: $25.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Modern Lace Designs VS

Modern Lace Designs by Veronica Sorenson. Hard cover, 145 pages, 1984. The author begins with information on Bobbin lacemaking in the 1980s. Chapters follow on Equipment, Stitches used in lacemaking, Techniques, and Filling stitches. The Patterns section covers 20 designs complete with step-by-step instructions and a photo of the finished lace. Final chapters are Designing lace pictures and Helpful hints for better lacemaking. Price: $20.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Pillow Lace and Bobbins

Pillow Lace and Bobbins. Jeffery Hopewell. 1994. 32 pages. 5″x 7″ size. This booklet is packed full of photos of different types of lace as well as many pages of bobbins, also photos and some info on bobbin winders, spangles, bolsters and other pillows, lacemakers at work. The author gives info on English lace plus contributions of Belgium and France to lacemaking. Price: $5.00 CAD and shipping.



Scan Schwalm Whitework

Schwalm Whitework: The Exquisite Regional Embroidery of Germany by Renate Fernau. 2000. Lacis Publications, soft cover, English text. Needlelace techniques, with 72 pages of lovely designs, instruction on a variety of stitches, clear stitch diagrams, colour photos of finished projects. Price: $20.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan Seasonal Samplings

Seasonal Samplings in Hardanger Embroidery. Carolyn Mitchell. 1996. Soft cover, 32 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ The author is a well known instructor in Hardanger technique and the projects cover a range of skill levels. Clear guidelines are given along with charts and photos to illustrate the steps from beginning to finished project. The front cover shows decorative cones in two sizes, padded ornaments and buttonholed ornaments. Finishing instructions are given, including tassels. Beads are added in a number of projects. Knowledge of Hardanger filling stitches will be helpful. Price: $20.00 CAD and shipping.

Scan Tatted Snowflakes Vida Sunderman

Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman. 1995. Soft cover, 32 pages. The author’s Introduction chapter has step-by-step illustrations on the technique, plus notes on picots, reverse work and joining, finishing, blocking and working with beads. Next are suggestions on decorating with Snowflakes plus abbreviations used in the instructions. Following are forty patterns for a variety of snowflakes of different sizes. Price: $10.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan The Book of Bobbin Lace StitchesThe Book of Bobbin Lace Stitches. Bridget M. Cook and Geraldine Stott. 1982. Hard cover, 267 pages, ‘near fine’ condition. This is a reference text book with over 260 bobbin lace stitches. Each page contains a photo of the finished design, a graph of the pattern indicating the number of bobbin pairs, and an enlarged diagram shows the structure of the stitch. Each pattern has a title, and the patterns range from simple to complex. The collection of stitches date from the late seventeenth century to the second half of the nineteenth century. For those who want to develop their own free designs or change stitches within a design, this book is a valuable resource. Price: $40.00 CAD and shipping.


Scan The Technique of Honiton Lace EL

The Technique of Honiton Lace by Elsie Luxton, 1979. Hard cover, ‘near fine’ condition, 168 pages. Chapters: Introduction; The History of Honiton Lace; Equipment and Preparation; Beginners Pieces; Flat Honiton Patterns; Raised and Rolled Work Patterns; The Sampler; Fillings; Leaves; Notes on Techniques. The author began making lace at five years old under her grandmother’s guidance, later learning more techniques during her school years from other lace teachers. Eventually she began teaching lace to many students, and with help from three of her students, completed this book. She gives instructions for 52 traditional and modern designs ranging from those for beginning Honiton lacemakers to the more advanced techniques. Price: $40.00 CAD and shipping.


Thistles, roses Jean Leader

Thistles, roses, daffodils and shamrocks: 4 Bookmarks using Bedfordshire lace techniques by Jean Leader, 1992. Coil bound, clear covers, 15 pages, 8.5 x 11.5 inches, English text. Someone purchased this pattern book a second time and has offered one copy for sale. Price $20.00 CAD and shipping.



Scan Threads for Lace Edition 5 Paternoster Threads for Lace Edition 5: A survey and comparision of 1425 Lacemaking and other threads. Brenda Paternoster, 2009. Soft cover. 108 pages. The author compares many threads for lacemaking, and choosing the right thread is the main objective. Chapters on five main thread types cover linen, cotton, silk, synthetic, and glitter. The Thread Survey lists the threads first by type, then in alphabetical order by company. The final section is a Thread size comparison which gives a list of alternative threads. This is a valuable book to have in your personal library!  Price: $20.00 CAD and shipping.

Additional Resources for Lace Projects

IMG_7975 Threads for Website

New! Click on the link below to see an example of our Thread Inventory page. Print and keep a record of your threads.  This format is ideal for a binder. Save threads by type: one page for cotton, linen, metallics, etc. Take the list along when shopping for new threads. Another option is to use your cell phone to take a photo of the page(s) for a reference of threads you already have in your stash.

♥ CLG Thread Inventory

IMG_8028 Bobbins square image webFound! The Canadian Lacemaker Gazette has a Bobbin Inventory page for those interested in keeping track of their bobbins. See the PDF attached, with thanks to our Gazette Editorial Team in Ottawa, 1999. French and English text.

♥ CLG Bobbin Inventory

IMG_8026-1 Website Project ImageNew! Do you have a few lace projects underway at any given time? Here is a handy page for keeping track of your lace project details. Add a photo of your project so you can see at a glance which bobbins are being used, which pillow, etc. If you are hunting for bobbins you own and they are not in storage, this may help narrow the search!

A Place for Everything…One idea is to insert a sheet protector into the binder to hold all the details: The project record sheet, a photo, the pattern info, the pricking, and thread samples wrapped around a bookmark length of cardstock. Write down thread info next to each of the samples. This makes it easy to find everything needed to make more lace from the same pattern. Consider teaching others once you have mastered a certain pattern!

♥ CLG Lace Projects Record (horizontal)

 ♥ CLG Lace Projects Record 2 (vertical)

New! As lacemakers, we tend to collect books and other resources and add them to our growing library. Below is a handy chart to record your library titles. This is a sample format which can be adapted. Suggestions are to record the type of resource: examples are hard cover books (HC), soft cover items (SC), booklets, folders, duotangs.

Books can be shelved by subject and/or alphabetical by title. Some may want to sort their library by using codes according to the type of lace and make a record of the price paid. In any case, it’s up to each individual lacemaker! Have fun with it.

Below is a link to the PDF page, as well as an optional list of two letter codes for your personal use. The PDF page can be used to create an Excel file for sorting.

♥ Lace Library Resources

♥ Lace Resource Library Codes



Roller Pillow Gladys LWanted to Buy! My father made roller pillows in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. I have moved three times since he gave me mine and unfortunately have managed to keep the roller, but the pillow base with the drawer in it has gone missing. I would dearly love to replace it.

If anyone has a roller pillow which was purchased from Syd Rose, I would love to purchase it from you. Please contact the Gazette office: clgeditor @ gmail.com if you are interested in selling yours.                                                         Gladys L, British Columbia, Canada

Wanted: Some are interested in a Bobbin or a Thread Swap. Does your stash have interesting threads or bobbins you would love to pass along to someone else? Are you looking for threads or bobbins that are hard to find? Perhaps you would like to connect by creating a Wish List! 

Wanted: Request for the book called Torchon Lace Rings by Alice Vokac, edited by Christine Johnson. Contact the editor with price and shipping cost to a Canadian address.

Wanted: Variations on a Theme: Bobbin Lacemaking Patterns for the Complete Beginner by Jennifer Ford, 1992.  Coil bound.  Contact: CLG Editor.

Wanted: Fri Knipling by Jana Novak, 1985 from a non-smoking home. An English version is preferred but the original text in Danish is accepted.  ISBN 87-418-7095-6 Contact the editor with price and shipping cost to Canadian address.

♥ Found! A 1996 Calendar was advertised in the Gazette.  We now have the calendar on file in the Archives. Thanks Julie for your kind donation!

♥        ♥        ♥        ♥        ♥

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These are packed full of information to inspire and encourage lacemaking. The Gazette Editions section has a list of details for each one. Article titles and authors are listed. Inquire about past editions prior to volume 28. There are limited copies available for some earlier editions. Post a request in Swap ‘n Shop if needed.

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