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CLG 33.1 Fall 2018     CLG Cover Scan Winter 2019 600 dpi     CLG Cover Scan Spring 2019 600 dpi

CLG Cover Scan 33.4 Summer 2019

The most recent edition posted is Gazette Vol. 33:4, Summer 2019, mailed in June. 

Fall edition is next… with a September mailing! 

Click on thelink to see info on Volume 32 and Volume 33 editions. There is a variety of topics for those interested in lace!

√Website Gazette Editions 32 to 33.4 Summer 2019




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CLG Cover Scan 32.1 Fall 2017 CLG Cover Scan 32.2 Winter 2017    CLG cover Scan 32.3 Spring 2018          CLG Cover Scan 32.4 Summer 2018



Click on the link below for the content list from Volume 28 to Volume 31. A number of copies are presently available, please contact the editor,   (Note: Add the email to your contact list).

           √Gazette Editions Vol. 28.1 to Vol. 31.4, Fall 2013 to Summer 2017

Website Sales Gazette Images MB 28 to 31

See the links below for details of past editions from Volume 1 to Volume 27. A limited number of copies are presently available for the more recent editions. To inquire, please contact the editor by email, (Note: add the email to your contact list).

Click on the √ Links and scroll down to see details for each edition. Images of the Front Covers are shown for each group. The articles are listed by title and contributing author. Please contact the editor if you have questions or comments. The archived editions go back to the very beginning: Spring, 1984. Many thanks to all who have participated over the years!

√Gazette BC Editions Vol. 24 – Vol. 27, Fall 2009 to Summer 2013


 √Gazette BC Editions Vol. 20 – Vol. 23, Fall 2005 to Summer 2009


√Gazette BC Editions Vol. 16 – Vol. 19, Fall 2001 to Summer 2005

Website Sales Gazette Images BC 16 to 19

√Gazette Ottawa & BC Editions Vol. 12 – Vol. 15, Fall 1997 to Summer 2001

Website Sales Gazette Images Ottawa 12 to BC 15

√Gazette Ottawa Editions Vol. 8 – Vol. 11, Fall 1993 to Summer 1997

Website Sales Gazette Images Ottawa 8 to 11

Gazette Toronto Vol. 5, 1988; Ottawa Vol. 6 & 7, 1991 to 1993;

includes Supplements, 1993 – 1999

Website Sales Gazette Images Toronto 5 Ottawa 6 to 7 & Sup

√Gazette Denman BC Editions Vol. 1 – Vol. 4, Spring 1984 to Winter 1987

Website Sales Gazette Images Denman 1 to 4