Lacemaking in Fort Louisbourg, Canada

Step back in time to 1738 with a visit this summer to Fort Louisbourg, a national historic site on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. See a lacemaker demonstrating bobbin lace as it was done during this time in history! A building located on another street has displays dedicated to women and their many important contributions to everyday life at the fort.  Louisbourg image 1 JC

July 4 Celebrations!

Spring 1995 Web Image July 4, 2017 PostHappy July 4 to our American friends and lacemakers in the United States! Thanks for your contributions to the Gazette over the years. We appreciate your support!

Our featured cover is “Kites” by Tamara Web, USA. See the Archives for a new posting of the Gazette, Volumes 8 to 11, published in Ottawa! More to follow…