Website Cover 31.1 Fall 2016The Canadian Lacemaker Gazette was first published in Spring, 1984 by a group of women from Denman and District Lace Club, located in British Columbia.

Then, over the years, the Gazette was published in Toronto, Ottawa, and Sooke BC, and is now located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The current editor is a prairie girl with a background in education. Her work experience includes a career in teaching, with a transition into farming! Various other jobs over the years involve office admin and accounting.

Her heritage is Swedish on her mother’s side (American), and Scottish, English, Irish and German on her father’s side (Canadian).

Battenberg ClassLace is one of her most favourite things, along with faith, family and friends, needlework, fibre arts and textiles, photography, travel, and gardening. Fall 2018 marks the beginning of year six as Gazette editor.

The Gazette operates on a non-profit budget and relies on income from subscriptions. Donations are welcome at any time. Funds received help offset increases in costs. This helps keep subscription rates low so the Gazette will continue to be affordable for all interested! 

What Mess Black BorderThere are 38 Canadian lacemaking groups in our directory. We have subscribers in Canada, USA and in countries Overseas.

We welcome new subscribers from anywhere in the world. See the Subscription section for more information. We would love to include you on our mailing list!

Send questions or comments to:

Jocelyn Froese, editor

Canadian Lacemaker Gazette


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