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NEW!  “Bundle Up” Fall, Winter & Spring editions along with the Summer Edition.  The Summer edition will be mailed in June when complete. The subscription form is attached below.

Note: Translation is now available in French for Vol. 36 & 37 editions! They are sent to a growing number of people, and can be requested by subscribers.

Subscriptions are welcome at any time during the year. The subscription period runs from July 1 to June 30. New subscriptions received before and during June will receive any back issues for the current subscription year. After July 1, subscriptions will apply to the forthcoming year. We ship worldwide!

Price per edition is based on $5.99 each, plus mailing cost. Prices are continually on the rise; this is a reality and an ongoing challenge. The “more the merrier” also means we can continue into the future. If you know someone who is interested, please encourage them to subscribe. Our group libraries can only be stretched so far and they are often under used. Let’s continue to promote our wonderful art form!

To view the Gift Special for previous volumes, in place after each year end, visit the Swap ‘n Shop section on our website. Scroll down to view the slide show of the recent cover images. Each edition is special!

Donations above the current subscription amount is welcome at any time! This keeps the price as low as possible for subscribers to the Gazette. We encourage all lacemakers to subscribe, as well as contribute articles and photos and share their journey with others. This is the path for success both presently and for the future. We have Canadian subscribers as well as lacemakers from the United States, and mail to a number of countries overseas. Lets continue to encourage each other!

The Editions section on the website has a list of articles and contributing authors for each Gazette. Click on the √ links to view the list of contents. The Editions information goes back to the beginning of our publication in 1984, documented over several months during “Canada 150” in 2017!

To subscribe, print out the form below and mail with your payment (cheque or money order). Or use PayPal, see Tools: Send money: to clgeditor @ (please add $2 for fees deducted from your payment) or use e-Transfer auto deposit directly from your bank, send to the same email. Remember to include your mailing address. e-Receipts are issued. Thank you for your interest in Lace!

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