Five Metre Club

five-metre-club-bobbins-webPractice makes perfect, so the saying goes. In the Winter 1995 issue the 5-Metre Club was first introduced, on the premise that a good way to practise lace is to repeat the same pattern numerous times. In so doing, you might learn something about lacemaking in general, and the chosen pattern in particular.

To be eligible for the Canadian Lacemaker Gazette 5-Metre Club you must have made at least 5 metres (5 and a half yards) of one pattern. Candidates submit proof of their yardage, by photo and email or letter from a witness, to the Gazette.

We’d like to know what you learned from the exercise and any details about the time it took, materials used, what happened that might be of interest to our readers. Let us know what you have done, or plan to do, with your lengthy accomplishment.

Note: You must be a current subscriber or include a $10.00 processing fee to be admitted to the club! We take cheque or Paypal. The fee can be applied to a subscription instead. See Subscription Form for more info.

Ready to join the club? Questions?

Contact the editor, (Note: add the email to your contact list).