Gazette Patterns


The Gazette has published many patterns, 550+ have been submitted over the years. If you have saved your copies of the Gazette, check out the list below. You may find something in your archives that sparks a creative idea!

Click on the link below to view our updated Pattern file:

√ CLG Patterns 1984 to Present

Help us celebrate our lace history! Send us a photo of any lace projects you have completed from the patterns  listed over the years. We will post the photos in the order received.

The large number of talented people listed in our pattern file have created their own pattern(s) and have submitted them for publishing in the Gazette.  

If you have designed a new lace pattern, then send us the information, along with a photo of the finished lace to the Gazette. You will receive a complimentary edition as a thank you. We love new patterns!

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Pattern Gallery! More patterns will be added to this new online venture.

◊ CLG Peace Pattern

◊ CLG Maple Leaf Pattern

◊ CLG Going Forward: An Inukshuk Pattern

◊ CLG Hedgie Pattern